#DG161-S5 DG Eyewear Oversized Rhinestones Accents Women’s Sunglasses

#DG161-S5 DG Eyewear Oversized Rhinestones Accents Women's Sunglasses

#DG161-S5 DG Eyewear Oversized Rhinestones Accents Women's Sunglasses Rating:
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Designer Style Sunglasses, without the Designer Sunglasses Prices! We offer a wide selection of affordable Designer Fashionable Eyewear Sunglasses for Men, Women and Children. All of our sunglasses are Genuine Factory Direct New in Mint Condition. Each pair of sunglasses offers maximum UV400 protection. We also offer a 14 days, 100% merchandise exchange guarantee. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping the unwanted item back to us. Same day USPS standard shipping for all purchases made Monday thru Friday 8AM-12PM. We do not ship on Weekends and Holidays. Please contact us through Amazon if you have any questions. Thank you kindly.


  • Welcome to Nick Nack Mart. Proudly offering 10000+ pair of Designer Inspired Sunglasses!
  • UV400 Protection - Factory New -
  • Please Do Not remove the Tag. Please try sunglasses on to ensure proper fit first. 14 days merchandise exchange guarantee.
  • USPS Standard Shipping Monday thru Friday 8AM-12PM. Guarantee delivery within 3 - 5 business days. We Do Not offer any forms of Expedited Shipping.
  • Makes for an ideal gift. Thank you kindly for your valued purchase consideration.